Remote surveillance camera, alarm and security recorder
Remote surveillance camera, alarm and security recorder

Remote surveillance camera, alarm and security recorder

Protect your home, your garage, or your business

In this category you will find the necessary materials to protect your home or business.
Here we offer surveillance camera, video recorder, or connected alarms.
Ideal for remote monitoring from your smartphone (iPhone, Android).

Surveillance camera

You will find on the market many cameras of all kinds.
Cheap cameras, cheap cameras, professional cameras, etc.
Here we will only offer professional quality cameras with the latest technology .
These are not cameras on sale in supermarkets, with the bare minimum.
Also beware of over-inflated cameras ... which usually offer nothing more than other cameras on the market!
As you understand, the remote surveillance market is very tough.
It's better to be a connoisseur and study the cameras in detail to make the right choice.
Here, you will find some models of cameras, which we consider to be the most suitable with the demand of the general public, but also to the professionals TPE and PME.

Recorder Kit

To complete your installation, you can also install a recorder.
This device is optional, but is very useful forremove doubts in case of infringement or other acts of vandalism.
You can install a hard disk and record all videos in Full HD , and then replay certain passages of the day or days before.

Alarm connected

Finally, for a complete custom installation, we strongly advise you to equip your place with motion detectors .
Here we offer connected alarm kits that work with a SIM card.
Upon detection of movement or intrusion, you will receive an SMS alert on your phone.
You will only have to consult your cameras remotely to inspect and do what is necessary in case of intrusions.

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Alarm kit connected

Home or company alarm kit. INDISPENSABLE accessory to be notified by SMS or CALL of all detections of movement or any intrusions. Comes with 4 motion detectors and 4 opening sensors.

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Reference: JMV48744

KLZ 1080P Full HD 9-channel NVR Recorder

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NVR recorder for professional or private use . Ideal for your home. You can, for example, install it in your living room, connect to your TV via HDMI , and view in real time all your IP cameras ( up to 9 channels live in FULL HD ).

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Reference: JMV48743

Mini DVR 8 channel 1080P Full HD KLZ

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Mini NVR with up to 8 IP cameras at the same time, in 1080P. Simple and effective, it will mainly allow you to centralize all your IP cameras on a single device.

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Reference: JMV48742

Mini DVR 4 channel 1080P Full HD KLZ

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NVR recorder - Ideal device to record your videos, but also to centralize all your cameras - Excellent product if you do not want a product with too many unnecessary options

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