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Take advantage of our discount prices for dress up famous rejuvenate or even customize your Fiat Uno. Accessories tuning (rear lights to led, lights lexus tunning, led front headlamps), xenon lights, or chrome customization (wrists chrome, mirror aluminium shells, chromed, chromed rods). You will find many products for the Fiat Uno.

All our products are of adaptable partsinterchangeable with the original constructor part.
Our parts are not original constructor.

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Reference: JMV49739

Cross roof bars for Fiat UNO 1983-2000

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Kit of 2 roof bars for Fiat UNO. Year of 1983-2000. Compatible with the original Fiat UNO longitudinal roof bars. Homologated

Price €78.00
Delivered in 24 hours/48 hours (France)

Reference: JMV37100

Trims dashboard for FIAT Uno - 8 parts

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Set of 8 decorative for parts Dashboard FIAT Uno. Carbon, grey, wood or marble. Ideal for customize your FIAT Uno

Price €269.00
In 20 to 30 days

Reference: JMV38341

Deflectors for FIAT UNO

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Game 2 deflector for FIAT UNO. Model until 2002 - 3 doors

Price €79.00
Entre 10 et 15 jours