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  • Jaimema, Car Box Storage Organizer
  • Jaimema, Car Box Storage Organizer

Jaimemavoiture Car Box Storage Organizer


Storage organizer for car trunk. This kit allows you to secure, store, order the objects you carry in your trunk. Blocks any movement of objects.

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Use of the organizer Jaimemavoiture

This storage organizer kit allows you to store/order all the items you load into your storage compartment.
The kit is flexible and can be adapted in any possible situation: it is a "blocker" that scratches on the carpet of your chest.

Essential to carry your groceries, personal belongings, or security necessities (toolbox, triangle, yellow vest, etc.).

Tranquility, comfort, and safety This accessory will prevent you from finding broken objects, or from not hearing the sound of the items loaded in the trunk.
Carry bottles, glasses, flower pots, etc. safely!


The kit is compatible with all cars, provided you have a classic carpet chest mat : the back of each element of our kit is indeed equipped with a velcro surface, which will cling to the carpet of your chest.
The kit will therefore not be not compatible with rubber, or plastic, carpets.

Kit content

Our kit contains:
- A main blocker

You can add a tightening elastic as on the video below (not included) to hold the bottles etc.

organiseur jaimemavoiture

You can order multiple blockers for even more flexible use.
We offer the produced by 2 at reduced rate.



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