Our car mats

Protect the car interior with our car mat.
On jaimemavoiture.fr, you will find custom rugs of different qualities.
Each carpet is custom-made to be perfectly adapted with your vehicle.
We do not sell universal carpets.

The different qualities

On our website, depending on your preferences, you will find carpets of different qualities:
- first prizes Carpet-type carpet. The bare minimum to protect the floor of your car.
With a bespoke cut-out and the bindings provided if necessary, these carpets will delight the most economical.

- velvet type carpet These carpets are of excellent quality. With custom manufacturing, and a great thickness, these mats will perfectly protect your car.

- rubber carpet These carpets are perfect for winter in particular. They are 100% waterproof, and wash in minutes by a simple jet of water. With always a custom cut, these rugs exist for most recent models. Our rubber carpets are odourless, and of excellent quality. They do not deform like most carpets on the market.

- 3D carpet High-end carpets. These unique carpets in France are available for only a few brands, including 4x4s and SUVs. With its 3D design and raised edges, these carpets will perfectly protect the interior of your car. With an excellent finish, these rugs will bring a whole new look as well. These mats are equipped with a gripping back, to prevent your carpets from slipping. These carpets are the most expensive, but they are also the most resistant and durable over time unlike the low-end carpet that is wearing out very quickly without forgetting their aesthetic aspect that leaves something to be desired...

Tapis pour Porsche Cayenne

Personalize your carpets

Because your car is unique, we also offer you to customize your car.
You will have the choice of carpet colors. Generally, carpets are available in black, grey or beige.
Depending on the model, you can also choose the border colour.
To push personalization to the maximum, we will also offer the personalisation of the seam color. You can choose red or white seams to match your carpets with the inside of your car.
Carpets with white or red seams will also give a sportier look (like the Audi S3 for example).
In the near future, we will also offer you the possibility to customize the border quality : textiles, PVC, or leather!

Chest mats

For complete protection, don't forget chest mats.
On the market, there are many chest mats, including PVC carpets.
These are custom first price mats.
If they are available for your car model, we recommend top quality carpets, such as 3D rubber mats, or our 3D chest mats.

Bac de coffre pour Mercedes ML W164

Protect the interior of your car efficiently, while providing a personalized look!