Livraison Martinique Guadeloupe Reunion

Customers of the islands, we do not forget you!

JaimeMaCar delivers all products to except for bulky products such as bumpers and hoods, to the following overseas countries:

- La Gaudeloupe (971)
- Martinique (972)
- Guyana (973)
- Reunion (974)

We also deliver to THEMs (Polynesia, New caledonia, etc.), as well as all other islands (Malta, Canary Islands, etc.) excluding bulky products.

All sales to destinations on the islands are billed Excluding Tax (HT).
Packages are usually shipped by The Post Office, in Colissimo Overseas Expert, with Form CN23, for possible customs duties.
The indicative period given by La Poste is 5 to 7 days Worked. In addition, allow 2 to 4 days for processing and allow extra time for customs on arrival.
You will be given a tracking number when shipping your package.
To follow him, all you have to do is go to the following site and enter the number:
Follow your with The Post Office

NB: You must wait a minimum of 24 hours after the number of your parcel before you trace your parcel on the Post Office website.

As an indication, here are the average rates of handling and delivery fees:

0 to 5 kg: 35.00 euros
6 to 9 kg: 49.00 euros
10 to 19 kg: 69.00 euros
20 to 30 kg: 99.00 euros
31 to 50 kg: 149.00 euros

Please note that fees vary according to several parameters, including La Poste rates.

October 2013 update:

As of July 1, 2013, all parcels to THEDOM DOM are shipped at volumetric weight.
More information on our blog here.

! attention!

We don't ship packages that are too large
(capot, full body kit, rear bumper, rims, etc.)

! attention!