On Jaimemavoiture.fr, find a wide range of headlights and taillights.
We offer tuning headlights, or headlights with a sober look without getting into the tuning.
Among the best-selling products: LED front lights and LED taillights.


The first changes made on a car are usually made on the front part of your car.
The headlights are of course the most important with the front bumper!
On jaimemavoiture, we offer several types of headlights:

- adaptable headlights identical to the original. These headlights are the same originally. They will be perfect if you don't want to change the look of your car, but bring a youthful boost. Plexyglas headlights tend to turn yellow and opaque over time. Instead of opting for a cleaning that will only be temporary (not to mention the price of the lighthouse cleaning kits ...), prefer the complete change of the front optics. The headlights we offer can go up to -60% of the original price!

- "angel eyes" headlights. These headlights are the design of the BMW. They are equipped with rings that will replace your original nightlights.
The rings will therefore light up when you activate your position lights.
Depending on the model, there are different angel eyes headlights. You will find the classic angel eyes, with yellow bulbs (between 6 and 8 bulbs per ring).
There are also versions with white LED bulbs.
The best-selling versions are the CCFL angel eyes. The rings light up in white, and have better visibility than previous models.
On top of that, these headlights have a better aesthetic rendering. Unfortunately, they are not available for all brands.

- LED nightlights headlights. These headlights are also called "Devil eyes" or Dayline headlights.
Your position lights are replaced by LEDs. These LEDs will therefore light up when you activate your position lights.
Keep in mind that these are position lights and not LED daytime lights. These position LEDs will not have the same intensity as the real daytime lights (as on all the last cars).

- dayTIME LED headlights. These headlights are equipped with real daytime lights.
The LEDs will therefore light up when you make contact. They will stay on all day.
In recent years, manufacturers have been obliged to equip their vehicles with daytime lights. This is to reduce daytime accidents.

- LED tube headlights. These are the latest news. They are mainly offered for Audis.
Small LED tubes will replace your original position lights.
These headlights will give the look of the latest Audi!

Phare avant led tube pour Audi A3 noir


Like the front headlights, taillights come in several versions.
Don't neglect the back of your vehicle and make the mistake of equipping only the front of your car.
For taillights, you'll find the following lights:

- adaptable taillights identical to the original. These taillights will be perfect if you want to refurbish the back of your car.
According to some car models, the taillights of newer models can be mounted without any modifications.
For example, for the Audi A3 from 1996 to 2000, the taillights are identical to the facelift model (restored) from 2000 to 2003.
Thus, installing these taillights will bring a youthful boost assured, while being sure to keep a sober look and identical to the original.

- crystal taillights. These taillights come in a number of colours.
Installing these taillights is very simple and requires no modifications.
They are tuning oriented, and will bring a touch of assured customization to your car.

- LED taillights. Many are the latest cars equipped with original LED taillights.
If you want to give a "last generation" look, you might like these LED taillights.
They are generally available in three colours: red and white, red and smoky, and all smoked.
All of our LED taillights are equipped with error-proof resistance. This will prevent you from making mistakes on the on-board computer.

Feux arrières à led pour Golf 5 rouge/blanc

- LED tube taillights. These are the latest news.
They adopt the design of the latest vehicles, just like the latest Seat or BMW.
Ideal if you want to make a difference and bring a more modern look.

Feux arrières led tube pour Golf 5 noir

Other products

To complete, you can also find depending on the cars, the LED fog lights.
These daytime headlights are specific to each car model. They are bespoke in size to ensure a perfect installation, without DIY and above all, keep a sober look.
In addition to this product, opt for LED plate lights as well. White lighting (xenon type) is always prettier than yellow lighting.
Depending on the car model, prefer the specific plate lighting lights to your model. They will be equipped with anti-error if your car requires resistance to avoid errors at the on-board computer.
The white lighting will bring a boost to your car!

Feux de jour led pour BMW E90 et E91 Modèle Es