tuning Citroen Crosser parts
tuning Citroen Crosser parts

tuning Citroen Crosser parts

Bring a touch of sportiness, or make your unique Citroen Crosser with our tuning Citroen Crosser parts.
Tuning for this vehicle parts are very rare.
We currently offer it roof spoiler (spoiler) but we add over time many other accessories and external equipment (walking foot, roof bars, bull bar, etc.)

All our products are of adaptable partsinterchangeable with the original constructor part.
Our parts are not original constructor.

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Reference: JMV49712

Cross roof bars for Citroen C-CROSSER

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Kit of 2 roof bars for Citroen C-CROSSER. Year of 2007-2013. Compatible with the original Citroen C-CROSSER longitudinal roof bars. Homologated

Price €70.00
Disponible le 3 octobre 2023 (stock limité)

Reference: JMV49362

Walking foot Berlin for Citroen C Crosser

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Kit of walking foot model BERLIN compatible with: CITROEN C-CROSSER Delivered with its fixing kit

Price €415.83
There are not enough products in stock

Reference: JMV41043

Rug rubber for Citroen C-Crosser

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Rubber 3D custom for Citroën C-Crosser - model after 2007. Essential accessory for your Citroen C-Crosser

Price €82.50
Entre 10 et 15 jours

Reference: JMV17382

Spoiler for Citroen Crosser

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Bring a touch of sportiness to your Citroen Crosser with this Roof spoiler (wing) - excellent quality - paste and paint

Price €107.50
Between 16 and 26 days