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Room tuning Chevrolet Captiva

Room tuning Chevrolet Captiva

Equip your SUV with all our tuning parts and our Accessories.
We offer you several necessities as:

- foot for Chevrolet Captiva,
- bull bar for Chevrolet Captivaetc.

We add over time several accessories and other parts tuning as outputs sport chrome, or the roof bars, and Calenders for Chevrolet Captiva.

All our products are of adaptable partsinterchangeable with the original constructor part.
Our parts are not original constructor.

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Reference: JMV19048

Covers Chevrolet Captiva chrome door handles

Kit of door handles chromes 4 doors for Chevrolet Captiva. These door handles chrome are compatible with model 4 doors. For model after 2007
Price €79.00
Between 6 and 8 days

Reference: JMV41016

Rug rubber for Chevrolet Captiva

Rubber 3D custom for Chevrolet Captiva - model 2006 - 2015. Essential accessory for your Chevrolet Captiva
Price €100.00
Between 10 and 15 days