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Mitsubishi Galant

Two under category to give a youth or dress up famous your Mitsubishi Galant. A category with identical parts originally, another category for dress up famous your car.

All our products are of adaptable partsinterchangeable with the original constructor part.
Our parts are not original constructor.

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Reference: JMV49913

Cross roof bars for Mitsubishi GALANT

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Kit of 2 roof bars for Mitsubishi GALANT. Year 1997-2002. Compatible with mitsubishi GALANT longitudinal roof bars. Homologated

Price €65.00
Delivered in 24 hours/48 hours (France)

Reference: JMV42516

Safe for Mitsubishi Galant sedan rubber mat

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Carpet trunk rubber 3D for Mitsubishi Galant sedan, model after 2004. Raised edges. Cut to measure. Essential accessory for your Mitsubishi Galant sedan (2004-)

Price €86.67
Entre 10 et 15 jours