Nissan Leaf parts, accessories and carpets
Nissan Leaf spare parts, tuning accessories and carpets

Nissan Leaf parts, accessories and carpets

Tuning parts and accessories for Nissan Leaf



This electric car appeared in 2010, long before its competitor BMW i3.
The first phase runs from 2010 to 2013.
Then from 2013 to 2015, she experienced her first restyling (phase 2).
Finally, since 2016, we have the phase 3 version.
A "Leaf 2" model is being projected in 2017.

In 2011, this electric car was voted European Car of the Year.
LEAF is the acronym for: Leading Environmentally Friendly Affordable Family Car.
This is to designate an "eco-friendly, accessible and family car" at the same time.

Several versions exist for the Nissan Leaf: Visia, Visia Pack, Acenta and Tekna.

Our products for Nissan Leaf

We are currently proposing that carpet custom, rubber, for Nissan Leaf.
We will add products according to the manufacturing plants.


All of our products are adaptable parts, interchangeable with the original manufacturer part. 
Our parts are not original builder parts.

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