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in 2010, it is divided into two entities: Fiat Group (comprising Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Abarth) and Fiat Industrial Group (for trucks and buses Iveco, Irisbus, Astra, Magirus etc.). < br /> < br /> choose your models below:
Fiat Panda, the Barchetta, Bravo or Brava, Cup, Ducato, Fiat 500, the Marea, the Punto, the Grande Punto, the Fiat Secento, Fiat Stilo, Fiat Uno, etc. < br /> without forgetting the Fiat Ulysses MPV, and the Multipla and Fiat Idea.

enjoy our internet rates to repair your Fiat: engine hood, front bumper, rear bumper, wing front right, front left fender, mirrors, etc. Many tuning accessories will complement to this wide range of products, such as the front headlights angel eyes, the rear lights to leds, lexus lights, etc. < /p> < p> < /p> < p> visit the official website of Fiat < /a> < /p> < p> < em> all our products are of < strong> adaptable parts < / strong> interchangeable with the original constructor part.
< em> our parts are not original manufacturer.