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    Ford Fiesta 2010 Sensor chrome door handles
    • Ford Fiesta 2010 Sensor chrome door handles

    Covers chrome Ford Fiesta 2010 Sensor door handles


    Customize your FORD FIESTA 2010 sensor with this set of door handles chromes 4 doors (sensor). Compatible with model 4 doors (Sensor). For model after 2010

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    Between 6 and 8 days

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    Covers door handles in chrome aluminum.
    Quick Installation: these cover door handles stick above your doorknobs of origin.
    adhesive provided on the back. Add glue for installation perfect.
    cover door handles aluminium for Ford Fiesta 2010 Sensor.
    This accessory will bring a touch of personalization to your Ford Fiesta 2010 Sensor.
    this game of door handles is intended for model 4 doors (Sensor), after 2010.
    it's stainless steel parts. Those aren't plastic parts.

    These handles chrome settled in a few minutes on your Ford Fiesta 2010 Sensor, no change...
    your Ford Fiesta 2010 Sensor will completely change look!

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    Covers chrome Ford Fiesta...